Found/Recovered Property

The NMSU Police Department is in possession of and attempting to return recovered property to the rightful owner.  All attempts have been made to locate the owners of the property and many of the items have been stored in excess of 90 days.  In accordance with state statute NMSA 29-1-14. (Unclaimed property; authority to sell; notice of sale) properties listed below can be reclaimed or will be auctioned beginning November 1, 2016.

Bicycle Listing

General Property

To reclaim your property, please follow the procedure as follows:

1.  Call the NMSU Police Department Records Department at 646-3793.

2.  Provide the item information listed, such as case number and description.

3. Provide the approximate date of loss and indicate if a police report was made for the loss.

4.  Provide proof of ownership. (For example: original receipt, serial number, owner applied number, bike registration number, etc.) Item description must match.

5.  After ownership has been proven we will set up an appointment for return.


All items that are not reclaimed will be auctioned starting November 1, 2016.  To view information about the auction or obtain a bidder number you can go to the public surplus website or click here.