NMSU 2014 Football Season Tailgate Procedures

NMSU encourages fans to arrive early, tailgate with friends, family, and fellow fans and enjoy the Aggie Football experience.  The following tailgating procedures establish the rules and regulations for tailgating activities on campus.  We expect attendees to treat fellow fans, NMSU property, and game management staff with courtesy and respect at all times.  The following tailgating procedures will be in effect as of August 1, 2014 to ensure a safe and enjoyable tailgating experience for all.


Tailgating Areas

General public tailgating in association with home football games is allowed in Lot 29 (North Pan American Center Parking Lot), Lot 30 (East Pan American Center Parking Lot) and Lot 105 (North of the Tennis Center).  (NOTE:  The north area of Lot 30 is designated for alcohol-free tailgating.)  Tailgating is also allowed in pass-controlled parking areas in Lots 33, 38, 39, 40, 83, 86, 87, and 88, as well as in the grass areas in and around these lots.  Designated university personnel provide access control and lot management services for these lots.  Tailgating is allowed in these lots as follows:


Lot #30 (only):

The day before Game Day:  From 6:00 pm until 10:00 pm (except not tailgating on November 7th due to high school game that night)
Game Day:  From 11:00 am until midnight (except Nov 22, when tailgating can begin at 9 am); no tailgating during the game


All other lots listed above:

Game Day:  From 11:00 am until midnight (except Nov 22, when tailgating can begin at 9 am); no tailgating during the game



The Student Tailgating area for NMSU students is the grassed, fenced area inside Lot 34 (East Aggie Memorial Stadium Lot). Only vehicles operated by a NMSU student holding a valid NMSU ID will be allowed access to Lot 34. Tailgating is allowed in this area as follows:


Game Day:  Starting at 2 pm until kickoff, and then from the end of the game until midnight; no tailgating during the game (NOTE:  This area will open at 12 noon to allow for pre-positioning of vehicles and equipment, but tailgating may not begin until 2 pm except on Nov 22, when the area will open at 8 am and tailgating can begin at 9 am.)


Tailgating activities are not allowed in any other parking lots on campus, nor on streets within or adjacent to campus.  Tailgating activities may not block access to designated handicapped parking spaces nor block safe and efficient traffic flow within the parking lots or roads on the campus..



General: Parking for tailgating activities in the specified lots is on a first-come, first-serve basis.


Pre-positioning Vehicles: Fans may pre-position RVs in Lot 30 beginning at 11:00 am on the day before Game Days.  Vehicles prepositioned and left overnight are done so solely at the owners’ risk.


Overnight RV Occupancy: Recreation Vehicles (RVs) in Lot 30 may be occupied beginning at 6:00pm on the Friday before a Saturday football game.


Removal of Vehicles from Lots: All vehicles must be removed from NMSU parking lots (including those vehicles with a parking pass) by 10:00am of the day following a football game.


Parking spaces: Vehicles, including RVs, must be parked orderly and within parking stalls, where marked. Tailgating activities are limited to the space required for parking of the associated vehicle, plus one full stall width along the full passenger side of the vehicle. For example, one (1) marked space is allowed for tailgating activities when no vehicle is parked and two (2) marked spaces are allowed for tailgating activities when one standard size vehicle is parked.

The maximum space for tailgating activities is six (6) marked spaces, applicable only to an oversized RV (a total of 3 spaces wide by 2 spaces deep).

All vehicles, equipment and persons associated with a particular tailgate party must be contained in the applicable area. No vehicles, equipment or persons may block driving lanes or access for emergency vehicles. Blocking or reserving of adjacent spaces is not permitted outside of the allowed area.


Tailgating Activities

Alcohol: Alcohol may be consumed as part of tailgating activities during the times and in the locations designated for tailgating activities under this policy and in accordance with the following provisions:

  • Persons under the age of 21 are prohibited from drinking alcohol in accordance with state and federal laws and NMSU policy. Persons who supply alcohol to underage drinkers may face criminal and civil charges.
  • Alcoholic beverages may not be sold, and providers of alcohol will be held responsible for any over-consumption by their guests.
  • Glass containers (e.g. bottles or drinking glasses) are not permitted.
  • Kegs, party balls or common sources of alcohol are not permitted.
  • No alcoholic beverages may be brought into Aggie Memorial Stadium.
  • Responsible and appropriate behavior is required when consuming alcohol as part of tailgating activities. Inappropriate behavior may result in sanctions by law enforcement authorities and forfeiture of tailgating privileges.


Grilling:  Electric and propane/butane grills are allowed in all tailgating areas.  For safety reasons, fire extinguishers and/or a bucket of water are required to be on hand when grilling in tailgating areas.  Charcoal grills are strongly discouraged, but if used, all coals must be disposed of in appropriate, all metal cans.  Grills must be kept at least 4 feet away from any flammable or combustible materials.


Other Tailgating Regulations:

  • Erecting Structures:  Other than authorized tents or awnings, no other structures may be assembled, erected or set upon the tailgate parking lots. Staking of tents or awnings is prohibited anywhere on campus without written permission from Facilities and Services.  All tents and awnings must be secured by other means (e.g. sand bags, water jugs, anchoring to vehicles, etc.).
  • Other Equipment:  Swimming pools, hot tubs, aerial lifts, walls, fences and other such items are not permitted unless prior approval has been obtained from Campus Activities and NMSU Athletics.
  • Commercial Activities:  The sale of goods and/or services, filming for commercial purposes and other commercial activities are prohibited in tailgate areas, unless prior written authorization has been obtained from both Campus Activities and NMSU Athletics.
  • Advertising and/or Solicitation:  Any signage or banners (other than NMSU items), handouts, giveaways and flyers are prohibted in the tailgating area (including posters, logo tents, flags, wrapped vehicles, etc.) unless prior written authorization has been obtained from both Campus Activities and NMSU Athletics prior to Game Day.
  • Noise:  Live bands, public address systems, loud radio or music systems and amplified sound of any kind are not permitted in the tailgate areas unless prior approval has been obtained from Campus Activities office and NMSU Athletics.
  • Generators and Inverters:  Electric generators and battery- powered generators/inverters that do not emit fumes and do not make noise are permitted in the tailgating areas.
  • Trash and Waste Disposal:  All trash and waste must be disposed of in an appropriate manner.  NMSU personnel regularly patrol the tailgate areas to collect bagged trash.  Other trash must be taken to appropriate receptacles upon leaving the tailgating area.  Dumping of waste tanks is prohibited.
  • Behavior:  All persons entering the tailgating areas are subject to NMSU Board of Regents and NMSU policies and regulations, and the Laws of the State of New Mexico.  NMSU may revoke the tailgating privileges and reject or refuse entry to persons for violating the tailgating policies.  Disruptive behavior, illegal activity, disorderly conduct, public drunkenness and similar types of behavior will not be tolerated.