Bicycle Security

Like Your Bike?

Increase the chance of recovery from  theft by registering with the NMSU POLICE DEPARTMENT


  • There were 51 Bikes reported stolen in 2014
  • If your bike is lost or stolen the decal will help us find it.


Go to the Police Dept. Records office at 725 College Dr & fill out a bicycle registration form with your personal information and some information about the bike to include the serial number.  When you return the form we will give you a decal to attach to the bicycle.

Tips for keeping your Bicycle Secure

  •  Choose carefully when and how you park your bike.  Pick well-lighted, public areas.  Bike thieves prefer that you park in a dark less-traveled areas; don’t cooperate. Also, be selective when parking your bike.  Never chain your bike to a handrail as they are installed to help those with disabilities.  Find a designated bike rack or other solid object.
  • Secure with a  lock.  It only takes a thief a few seconds to get away with your bike when it’s left unlocked.  Here are some suggestions to properly lock your bike:

Bike Safety Locking Graphic


  • Check on your bicycle regularly and move it from time to time. Lock your bicycle in a well-light, visible area. If you don’t ride your bicycle often and just leave it locked to a bike rack for several days, it becomes a target for “parts scavengers”, as well as bike thieves. Check regularly on your bicycle to make sure it is still secured and that all the parts are still attached. Even if you don’t ride your bicycle, move it from one bike rack to another or even from one space to another, so it is apparent that you use it and/or check on it regularly.
  • Report Suspicious Behavior.  If you see someone loitering near the bike rack, give us a call at 646-3311.