Crime Statistics


The following links allow for a download of various spreadsheets that contain detailed statistics from 1989 to 2016, as well as copies of the police daily blotter (crime log) since 2013.  The information contained in these sheets is summary information only.  It should not be used for comparisons with any other jurisdictions due to differences in reporting and recording standards, crime definitions that vary between states, differences in housing options, etc..  It also should not be used to determine crime rates, unless all necessary measures are taken to standardize and categorize the data appropriately.  Rather, this data is provided to allow users to make initial searches, as well as to get an overall perspective regarding the crimes reported to the NMSU Police Department.  For more recent information, to include current daily blotters, please contact us at (575) 646-3311.  (See also, Annual Safety and Security Reports.)


DETAILED STATISTICS & TRAFFIC INFORMATION (per state statute definitions, not Clery Act):

     2010 – 2016 Crime Statistics

     2000 – 2009 Crime Statistics

     1989 – 1999 Crime Statistics



     2019 Daily Crime Log

     2018 Daily Crime Log

     2017 Daily Crime Log

     2016 Daily Crime Log

     2015 Daily Crime Log

     2014 Daily Crime Log

     2013 Daily Crime Log