Digital Fingerprinting Services

The NMSU Police Department is pleased to announce the expansion of fingerprint services to the university community.  Starting Tuesday, January 21, the department will be offering digital fingerprint services Monday – Friday from 9 am – 12 noon (excluding university holidays).  These fingerprints are done using the new digital scanning and processing system recently adopted by the State of New Mexico.  If you are in need of fingerprinting, follow these simple steps:

Register online at based on the type of fingerprinting you need (e.g., healthcare worker, K-12 school, concealed carry, etc.).  When registering, you will need to either know or look up the originating agency identifier (ORI) of the agency you are needing to be fingerprinted for (e.g., Las Cruces Public Schools is NM930046Z; the Board of Nursing is NM920190Z; the Public Education Department for licensure of teachers is NM920140Z; the Children, Youth and Families Department for child care licensure is NM920120Z; and for concealed carry it is NM920200Z).  In most cases, the person/agency that informed you of the need to be fingerprinted should provide this number to you.  It ensures the results of the background check route to the appropriate agency.

  1. Once you have completed registration, bring your fingerprint registration information along with a government photo ID (e.g., driver license, passport ID card, etc.) to the NMSU Police Department (725 College Drive) during the fingerprinting hours.  If you paid online using a credit card, the actual fingerprinting process should take only about 10 minutes (as long as there are no lines).  If you are paying by money order, it will take a little longer to log in the payment information.
  2. Once the fingerprinting has been completed, you should receive notification of the results from the agency your were fingerprinted for within a few weeks.

The NMSU Police Department does not charge any additional fees for digital fingerprints.  The above fees are required by the State of New Mexico.  However, for those needing inked cards for agencies who do not participate in the New Mexico fingerprinting system (such as for out-of-state jobs), there will be a fee of $5 to cover the cost of supplies related to the inked process.

The NMSU Police Department will still schedule special fingerprinting times for groups related to NMSU, as well as travel to our branch campuses to meet the needs of academic programs.  If you are in need of these special services, contact Commander Jeff Harvey at (575) 646-3311.