Frequently Asked Questions:

1.  How do I file a police report?

First, contact the police department in the jurisdiction where the crime occurred.  Call 911 for emergency situations or (575)646-3311 for non-emergency situations.  In order to provide the most accurate information you should contact police as soon after the incident as possible.  You can file a report at the police station or have the officer meet you at the scene of the crime.

You will receive a case number for your insurance and to receive updates on the case.  This number will also be useful when trying to obtain a copy of the report.  There is no fee to file a police report.

2.  How to get a copy of a report:

You may stop by the NMSU Police Department Records Office Monday-Friday 8 a.m.-5 p.m. to pick up a report.  Reports are $2.00 (cash or check) and are usually ready between 3-5 days after the initial report was filed.

3. What are the parking rules and can I pay my citation/boot at the Police Department?

The parking office is a separate entity from the Police Department.  They can be contacted at 646-1839 or park.nmsu.edu

4.  Does the NMSU Police Department do fingerprinting?

Click here for information on the Digital Fingerprint process.  This service is offered Monday – Friday from 9 am – 12 noon (excluding university holidays).  Traditional inked cards can still be completed.  You must provide your fingerprint cards and $5.00 for the first one and $1.00 for each card thereafter.  Please bring a valid I.D. card. Cash or check only.

5. How do I file a complaint on an employee?

Our Department investigates all complaints against both sworn and civilian employees.  A complaint packet is available at the NMSU Police Department Dispatch Center.  You make take the packet with you and return it at your convenience.  You will receive a copy of the forms you fill out for your records and an investigator will follow up with you once the incident has been investigated.