NMSU Police Department Standards for Firearms/Weapons Possession Exemption Pursuant to ARP 16.06


These standards apply to any exemption to carry or possess firearms or weapons on University Premises.  These standards are consistent with national guidelines and State and Federal Statute.



Will be assessed in consideration of the following:

  • Person requesting possession of the firearm(s)/weapon(s) is a NMSU employee, student, participant in a university sanctioned event, resident in university housing, an individual with a contractual/business relationship with the University, a security officer, or a certified peace officer.
  • Person who will possess the firearm(s)/weapon(s) is lawfully permitted to do so.
  • The firearm/weapon activity to be performed is within the scope of the University’s mission, goals, and values.
  • The activity where the firearm(s)/weapon(s) will be utilized and possessed has obtained initial approval from the appropriate the President, Provost, Chancellor of the Community Colleges, Unit Dean, NMDA Director, or Vice President and final approval can only be granted by THE University Police Chief in accordance with ARP 16.06.
  • The purpose for the request is lawful and reasonable.
  • The owner of the firearm(s)/weapon(s) is properly identified and confirmed.
  • The requestor/possessor is a NMSU employee or associated person in good standing.
  • A NMSU Human Resource or NMSU Police Department approved background check has been completed and provided by the requestor.



Possession of a firearm or other weapon requires employees or associated persons and supervisors of authorized activities to maintain constant safety in the operation of firearms or weapons.  In order to maintain safety and accountability with possession of firearms or weapons, the involved employees or associated persons and the supervisor are required to complete training and maintain accessible documentation in accordance with the following standards.

  • All employees or associated persons who will possess the firearm(s)/weapon(s) must complete a training course applicable to the activity being performed. The courses may include a basic firearm proficiency course, a firearms instructor course, a firearms safety course, etc.  Documentation of the required training should be maintained by the department and submitted with the request.
  • The safety plan to possess the firearm(s)/weapon(s) includes the method of use, storage, and oversight by the employee/associated person and the supervisor.
  • Records of all activities conducted with firearm(s)/weapon(s) listed by date and location.



In the event of an injury or accidental discharge:

  • In an emergency dial 9-1-1.
  • If it is not an emergency, ensure that any injured person receives medical attention.

Report the incident immediately to the law enforcement agency having jurisdiction and to the NMSU Police Department as soon as it is reasonably possible to do so, if they are not the law enforcement agency on scene.