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The NMSU Police Department strives to provide an environment free of crime to enhance the educational process at the university.  The members of the Department are committed to the protection of the lives, rights, and property of all citizens; the vigorous apprehension of criminals; the creation of new and innovative programs; and effective dialogue with the members of the public.  We endeavor to be an active and constructive part of the community they serve.

Overview of the NMSU Police Department

The NMSU Police Department is a full service, 24-hours a day police agency, complete with its own enhanced 911 emergency dispatch center, criminal investigations section, and training staff.  The NMSU Police Department is responsible for all criminal and traffic law enforcement on just over 180 square miles of land owned and/or controlled by the Board of Regents of NMSU, serving a daytime campus population of over 32,000 and a residential population of around 6,000.  While routine patrol is conducted on the approximately 5 square miles of the main campus, officers of the NMSU Police Department will patrol the college ranch and other outlying campuses and research sites as staffing allows.  In addition, officers will travel to the branch campuses to assist with security surveys and investigate specific criminal incidents.
The NMSU Police Department is comprised of two main components, the Field Services Division (which includes the Patrol and Criminal Investigations Sections) and the Administrative Services (which includes the Emergency Dispatch Center, Records and Evidence, Victim Services, Crime Prevention and Special Events).  The department reports administratively to the NMSU President.
There are 22 certified police officer positions and 7 certified emergency dispatcher positions in the department.  These are assisted by 3 full-time civilian employees, 50 part-time security officers, and 25 part-time reserve officers and dispatchers.
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Criminal Investigation Services
Record and Services
Victim Services
Special Events
Training and Recruiting
Personal Safety